Time Trial Courses

Please park considerately at BCW club and open events, particularly:
The Crown Inn (no parking in pub car park or caravan site)
Castle Carrock and Talkin villages

The usual HQ’s are listed below, however these may be subject to alteration.  For confirmation of location please check website prior to the event.

C1036 – Crown Inn – 10 miles – HQ Greenhollows Caravan Park entrance, CA4 0PT
Start near the Crown Inn approximately 5 miles south of Carlisle following the road from Durdar. Head south for 5 miles, turning just past the junction sign for ‘Morton’. Turn in the road (with care) and retrace.

Rosley Circuits – HQ Rosley Village Hall, CA7 8AU
11 miles – Start at the field gate south of Rosley Church crossroads. Proceed south to B5305 at Rosley where left to Goose Green. Left turn on to B5299 through Welton to turn left approximately 1 mile south of Dalston to Cumdivock Church. Turn left to East Curthwaite, and then left towards Rosley Church to finish 500 yards before the crossroads.
L221 – 22 miles – As above, but continue to crossroads, turn left to start and repeat first lap.
L321 – 33 miles – As above, but continue to crossroads, turn left to start and repeat lap again.

Thursby Circuit – 17 miles – HQ Thursby Village Hall, CA5 6PQ
Start Thursby, west on A596 to junction just before Waverton, where left through Waterside and Woodrow to join A595, where left and continue east to Thursby.

Castle Carrock Circuit – 7 miles x 2 laps – HQ Castle Carrock Village Hall, CA8 9LU
Start near Moor House 1 mile south east of Castle Carrock. South to Carlatton Mill, where left to join B6413. Follow north to junction before Castle Carrock, where left and on to starting point, completing one circuit.

Calthwaite Circuits – HQ Hutton End Village Hall, CA11 9TT
11.4 miles – Start at north end of retaining wall 20 yards after 30mph sign at north of Calthwaite. Proceed north to junction at Beck House (marshal), where turn left to Crown Inn crossroads (marshal). Turn left on to C1036 and proceed south towards Hutton End. Finish is at first of 2 field gates on left 100 yards before Hutton end.
L259 – 25 miles – Two laps of the above, including the road linking Hutton End and Calthwaite.
50 miles – Four laps of the circuit above, finishing on C1036, near Market Gate, during 4th lap.

L291 – Caldbeck – 29 miles – HQ Victory Hall or Recreation Centre, Dalston, CA5 7QB
Start in Dalston, opposite Victory Hall. South on B5299, through Welton, to Goose Green. Right on B5305, through Rosley, to A595. Left on A595 to Red Dial and then left on minor road to climb Brocklebank. Over crossroads and descend to Caldbeck where left to Hesket Newmarket and then left fork to Newlands and to B5305. Left on B5305 to return to Goose Green, where right and retrace to finish opposite start.

L2512 – 25 miles – HQ Layby at top of climb, south from Junction 42, M6 (no toilets)
Start on the A6 south of junction 42 (M6). South towards Penrith until right at Bowscar roundabout, follow to junction 41 roundabout, circle and retrace.

L1020 – A6 – 10 miles – HQ Low Hesket Village Hall, CA4 0ES
Start on A6, in lay-by south of Thiefside Cottages, and south to Stoneybeck roundabout, where fourth exit to return north on A6. Continue past start area and finish on A6, just south of Inglewood Cottage.

L108 – Tebay – 10 miles – HQ Methodist Church or Village Hall in Newbiggin, CA17 4NT
Start on the A685 road approximately half a mile west of the western link to Newbiggin-on Lune. Proceed west along the A685 to first traffic island at Tebay (5.1 miles). Retrace along the A685 to finish at a point approximately 0.2 miles short of the start point.

Lazonby Circuit – 10 miles – HQ Highways depot or Lazonby Village Hall, CA10 1AQ
Start on minor road, one mile north-west of Lazonby, near to highways depot. Continue west to A6 where left and south to Plumpton. Turn left onto B6413 and east to Lazonby, where left onto minor road and return to start area for finish.
L202 – 20 miles – As above and repeat.

Hartside Circuit – 38 miles  – HQ Talkin Village, CA8 1LE (no toilets)
Start in Talkin, west to join B6413 which follow through Croglin. Keep left at next junction, leaving B6413, through Renwick and left (sign Alston) to join A686 over Hartside to Alston. Left (sign Brampton) on A689 to Hallbankgate, where left to finish just before Talkin.

Greystoke Circuits – HQ Greystoke V. Hall, CA11 0TW or Castletown Centre, CA11 9BL
L222 – 22 miles – Start on B5288 at Wildriggs lane, and west to Greystoke, where right and then left fork, through Johnby to Thanet Well junction. Left through Newsham, and left to Murrah crossroads, where left through Berrier to Sportsman Inn. Left and then rejoin B5288. Continue through Motherby, Greystoke, to finish on B5288, just past start.
L143 – 14 miles – As above, but starting just north of Greystoke village and finishing just prior to re-entering village.

L1010 – A66 Keswick – 10 miles – HQ Woodend Parking Area adjacent A66, CA12 5SJ
Start on southbound A66, in lay-by opposite start of dual carriageway section at Wythop Wood. Follow A66 south and east to roundabout, where 4th exit to retrace to finish, 300 yards before the Thornthwaite turnoff.

A66 Cockermouth/Keswick – HQ Eaglesfield Village Hall, CA13 0RN
L2511 – 25 miles – Start on A66 in lay-by near Simonscales Bridge and east to Keswick roundabout where 4th exit to A66 and retrace route, past start area, to Cockermouth roundabout. First left onto A5086 to finish, just past entrance to the Premier Inn.

L505 – 50 miles – As above, to Cockermouth roundabout, where 4th exit to A66 and back past start and repeat circuit. Finish on A66, just past start area and before Cockermouth roundabout.

L311 – Bassenthwaite – 31 miles – HQ Braithwaite Village Hall, CA12 5RY
Start at the eastern side of the junction of the old road with the northern side of the A66, 0.36 miles east of Braithwaite Village hall (event headquarters). Proceed in an easterly direction along the A66 towards Keswick to meet the A591 Keswick – Bothel road at the roundabout (1.9 miles). Take the first exit left on the roundabout and follow the A591 along the back of Bassenthwaite lake to the Castle Inn junction (8.54 miles) where turn left onto the B5291. Follow the B5291 to Ouse Bridge (9.66 miles) where turn sharp left after passing over bridge (CARE – narrow bridge followed by 90 degree bend). Continue to meet the Embleton road junction and merge straight on to the junction with the A66 where turn left on to the A66 (10.43 miles). Proceed along the A66 and continue through finish point, past HQ and through the start point to complete a second lap: Keswick roundabout (17.8 miles), Castle Inn junction (24.44 miles), Ouse bridge (25.56 miles), A66 junction (26.33 miles) to finish approximately 350 yds before Braithwaite Village hall.

L804 – Hartside Hillclimb – 4.9 miles – HQ Melmerby Village Hall, CA10 1HE
Start in the village of Melmerby, heading up Hartside (A686) to finish at the cafe.

Armathwaite Coombes Hillclimb – 0.5 mile – HQ Ainstable Church Institute, CA4 9QN
Start near the Chapel on the Kirkoswald road, finish when road levels.

Kirkbampton/Great Orton Course – 15 miles
The TT starts at Kirkbampton School directly opposite the village hall.  It then travels (south) up a gradient and levels out and starts to descend around the purpose built cycling track, at 2.7 miles it turns left onto an unlisted road.  At 3.3 miles the road veers to the left with a T junction to the right.  At 4.4 miles the course turns left on an unlisted road leading to Great Orton (heading north).  At Thurstonfield (7.0 miles) the course turns left (with care onto B5307).  Travel along the B5307 (westerly direction) and at 7.4 miles the course turns left at the school to the finish line (7.5 miles).  Repeat for a second lap (15 miles).