There are many ways to get involved in volunteering within Border City Wheelers.

Why volunteer?
Every person’s motivation to volunteer is different and there are a lot of reasons to make a contribution to our Club’s cycling activities.  People often volunteer because they will:

  • make a difference
  • gain a lot of satisfaction from helping others
  • ensure the Club’s activities grow
  • develop existing and new skills
  • give something back to the sport

Coaching is at the heart of cycling performance at every level from teaching basic bike handling skills through to advanced racing skills.  The coaching courses available from British Cycling will allow you to achieve your coaching goals and the Club can assist with bursaries and grants to cover the cost of any course. 

Border City Wheelers actively encourage and support the training and development of coaches to provide coaching to club members.  This rule relates to the funding and retention of new coaches or coaches undertaking the next level.

Members wishing to become a coach should apply to either the Junior Section Secretary or Club Chairperson for approval. Members may also be approached to become coaches.  Once it is agreed for a club member to attend a coaching course they are required to apply for a British Cycling bursary and pay the remainder of the course fee.

The balance of the course fee paid by the individual will be refunded in full, 50% after completed 5 coaching sessions and the remaining 50% after completing a further 5 coaching sessions (10 sessions in all).  On completion of the course the individual should provide the club Treasurer with a copy of the invoice etc and a copy of the certificate.

Club rides
If you are an experienced rider and have a good knowledge of the roads around us and enjoy social rides, why not be a Ride Captain?  This is a less onerous position and guidance on best practice is available.

There are thousands of cycling events every year and they all rely on officials to ensure that they are safe, fair and most importantly fun!  Whether you want to become a commissaire or help out at your local grass roots Go-Ride Racing event we can help you find what you are looking for.

Club management
For those of you or have management, organisational or financial skills or simply intrigued by the workings of a cycling club then putting yourself forward for a committee position.  We have the main Club committee as well as sub-committee’s which arrange Club activities and ensure the Club meet it’s legal and constitutional responsibilities.  Even if there are no apparent vacancies, existing members may be considering retiring or taking up a new position when a replacement can be found.

Please help!
The Club will only be as strong and successful as the members in it.  Helping is satisfying and rewarding and if everyone helps and don’t just leave it to the minority the Club can really grow and put on even more activities.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact the Chair or any Club committee member.