Time Trial Rules

1. A rota of marshals will operate for Club events, the list of names appearing after the list of Club events. Members appearing on the rota may only ride in the event they are to marshal if they have arranged a substitute. Members not fulfilling their marshalling duties (themselves, or by providing a substitute) will not be allowed to ride in any Club events taking place within the next 28 days (not including days out of the racing season).
2. Maximum League points (20) will be awarded for marshals undertaking their rota duty (x3 duties per season which may include being the Timekeepers assistant). These points will also be awarded to BCW open time trial organisers if they choose not to ride their event. Main Timekeepers will be awarded maximum league points on up to three occasions: if more than 3 Main Timekeeper duties are performed then an average will be calculated and awarded for each subsequent occasion.
3. Time trial timekeepers need to concentrate on the job in hand in order to avoid errors and ensure accurate times. Riders must not interfere with this concentration by asking the timekeeper or assistant for times during the event. All times will be available shortly after the last rider finishes.
4. Competitors must understand that whilst riding on the public highway a high standard of road sense is necessary.
Riders must not:
  • Ride head down
  • Ride past the finish timekeeper once the event has started (e.g. warming up)
  • Turn dangerously
  • Obstruct the road at the start or finish of an event
  • Make U turns in the vicinity of the start or finish areas. This will lead to immediate disqualification.

(persistent offenders of any of the above may be suspended)

5. All competitors in BCW club time trials must wear a hard/soft shell safety helmet that conforms to a recognised standard. Such helmets are only compulsory in BCW open time trials for competitors under the age of 18 however the Club strongly recommend ALL competitors to wear such a helmet.
6. Riders must call their numbers at the finish.
7. Starting times for Club events are shown in the list of events. In order for you to warm up (if you wish) and for the field to be set out, it is necessary to sign on at least 20 minutes before the start time. Anyone arriving after this deadline will not be allowed to ride.  The number you sign on with will be the number you ride with.  You take your race number as you sign on – if you sign on ninth, you take number 9.  If you want an early start you need to sign on early, conversely if you want a late start, sign on late.  Do not leave gaps on the signing on sheet assuming they will be filled by other riders, this will avoid riders waiting around to see what number they are and save time for the timekeeper.
8. Entry fees for Club events are £3.00 per event; £5.00 to non-BCW Members; £2.00 for persons under 18 years; and free for persons claiming unemployment benefit or income support if the Club Treasurer has been notified.  The above fees include the £2.00 CTT Club events levy.
9. Since only first claim members of CTT affiliated Clubs are allowed to compete in time trials, your membership subscription must have been paid before you ride your first event.
10. In the case of riders under 18 years of age, a CTT parental consent form for competition in time trials must be produced prior to their first ride of the season. Forms are available from the Time Trial Secretary.
11. The Club recommend that a working rear light, either flashing or constant, is fitted to the machine in a position clearly visible to following road users and is active whilst the machine is in use.
Note: The above rules are for local guidance only.  All time trial competitors must familiarise  themselves with CTT rules as printed in the current CTT handbook or website.
Penalties for breach of rules will not be avoided by pleading ignorance.